Friday, December 5, 2008

My First Splurge

My first splurge in the material section at Spotlight. How cool is that?? Pat & I went by train into the city for the morning. I kind of felt guilty dragging him through Spotlight & Lincraft but that soon disappeared once I started to find my feet.

My very first project I want to be for myself. I'm always making and doing things for other people and so this time round, I am putting me first.

I want to make a pin cushion and so with this in mind, I went searching for what I will need. No way am I buying my machine and then have to leave the house to purchase materials & cottons.

Lets have a look at what I bought.

The green flora and pink cotton material is for my pin cushion. Cotton thread I figured is best bought at the same time the material. Extra pins for the cushion and some buttons, if needed.

The flat fats (why they are called this is a mystery to me) I bought as Mrs. Moo over on Craft Club suggested this, in a post I had started about what I need to get going with my sewing. I didn't need to be told twice about this one. lol

Aren't these buttons gorgeous? I think if I can work one of these buttons into the centre of my pin cushion I'll be so impressed with myself.

It was fun this morning looking at all the material and what is on offer in the shops for sewing people. Pat & I had a look at what was there and the prices. I know a few items I want to pick up on Tuesday next week.

Not sure if its me or what, but I found my Spotlight had more to offer on the sewing side than what Lincraft did. Guessing once I have made a few too many trips to the sewing areas, I'll have more of an idea.

Before we left Spotlight I did sneak down the yarn isles for a yarn fix. mrgreen

Until next time....hoo roo

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princess pudge said...

hehe yay for you, your first fabric splurge .. careful .. fabric addiction is one that CAN'T be cured! i do love those buttons too and they're flat fats cause they're a FQ that is a flat square when folded, well that's what i've always assumed :D

Lucky-1 said...

Hi Princess Pudge:D Oh those buttons are so pretty and the photo doesn't do them justice. Can't cure fabric addiction...... I'll drown in happiness then:D

Thanks for telling me what a flat fat is.

NannyMoo's said...

Hi Lucky,

Told you it would be addictive!!!

A fat quarter is really a metre of material cut into quarters - easy!

Won't confuse you with a fat 1/8th yet!!!

Love the blog,


Mrs Moo

Lucky-1 said...

Thanks Mrs. Moo. The 1/8th would have to be the 4 squares cut in half again???

miss~nance said...

Nice purchase lucky. Thiswe buttons are very cute and would look great in the middle of a pincushion.


Lucky-1 said...

Thanks Gail.:D So counting down the days to when I can start.

susanm said...

This is soooo exciting watching someone starting out into the quilting world. My daughter has also just started but already has many projects on the go. Enjoy the journey as there is so much to do and sew little time.