Saturday, December 20, 2008

My Craft Room

As of this morning, we now have not only a gym room for Pat's health, but a craft room for my sanity. No more moving everything off the kitchen table at meal times. Lounge room cluttered with knitting boxes.

Took awhile to do as I wanted the window washed and the window frame oiled, curtains washed and rehung. Room smells so fresh.

As time goes by.... I guess it'll change and maybe (hopefully not) get a bit messy. But now I can work and not packup each time....just slide the door shut if need be.

Amy left me her mirror and curtains. Need to have an old TV for when sewing...... better in there than the bedroom.

I closed with blinds to get a good photo to show you.

Blinds open and look at all that natural light for me to make good use of. One day I'd like to replace the old desk the kids used for primary and high school. Plus a proper swivel chair.

On the opposite wall (near where I stood to take the photo) will go Pa's sofa that folds down into a bed. Anyone now staying will have a bedroom to sleep in, rather than the lounge room or rumpus room.

The built in robe is to the right of my sew desk. Two shelves at the top for storing gear and if I want to hang anything... I have that as well. Later on I can go to Ikea (never been there) and get some more storage shelves. Just said that to Pat and he said Bunning is closer. confused

On the right side is draws and this will hold my fabric. Plus the shelf will hold gear ......

Three draws for material, 4th draw has scrap material in. I haven't worked out how I will categorize my material yet.

So far its
  • floral
  • Tone on tone
  • Farm/country
Its a new journey in our house...... Just Pat, myself and the fur & feathery kids...

Until next time....hoo roo

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Tozz said...

Lucky you are very very lucky indeed to have a craft room....that is one of my wishes in life :) Have fun making a mess in there :)

susanm said...

just a suggestion, I have those shoe holders that you hang on the clothes rail and have my different color fabrics sorted into each compartment. It works great as the hanging side is so big without shelves. take care and enjoy the new sewing room.

Lucky-1 said...

I feel very spoilt having a craft room Tozz. Sort of like.... I missed years of sewing at the kitchen table and just cheated by jumping into the craft room, only a week or so after having bought my machine.

Lucky-1 said...

What a great idea Susanm:D Thanks for that tip.:D

clare said...

Love it lucky .

Lucky-1 said...

Clare I was able to find 30 minutes after tea last night...... it was just so relaxing, as I knew I didn't have to shift for anyone:D