Wednesday, December 10, 2008

More New Toys

My feet are killing me from an all day out with Pat. First off we went to see his asthma specialist and after this we spent what was left of the day in the city centre. We take two trains to get to where Pat's specialist is. Its a day out for us and its nice to walk to and fro from the trains.

I was after a few odds & ends for my sewing. This was an over whelming experience and after a few phone calls to Deb, for advice. I was slowly getting my toys ready for a full assault in the sewing area.

Picked up some fiber fill and tonight I'll stuff the pin cushion and it'll be finished and ready for show & tell.

Lets look at my other purchases from today.

Spotlight is having a 20% off sale of quilting mats and goodies. I saved $6.80 on the cutting mat. Size 45cm X 60cm, cutting wheel, those pencils we can use to scribble on material with & some cotton.

Not sure how much material I should buy when wanting to make something. As I want to cover about 4 cushions in the lounge room, I bought a metre of the brown & fawn colour and a fat quarter. I'm not going to make them all the same... as I want to try and learn different things.

I am covering knitted pillows that were given to us. Cats love to sleep on them and I hate vacuuming them. So out with the old covers and in with the new.

How cool is this material??? I found dog material but no cat material cry and I thought some of this on 1 of the cushions might be fun. Lurv chooks and ducks...... bought 1/2 metre.

A full and busy day today..... slower day tomorrow....thank goodness.

Until next time....hoo roo

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Susan Borgas said...

The type of rotary cutter that you purchase is a really good one. I tried to buy one like that in the Mid North but had to end up buying a different type where I have to remember to slide the protective safety shield up.

Tozz said...

You are starting to get a good collection of tools and I know you will have lots of fun using them :)

Lucky-1 said...

Thanks for the feed back on my new toys..... best thing is, if I look after them & I have them for years.