Friday, December 12, 2008

First Cushion.

First off, let me thank all of you wonderful people who have visited my blog and left words of encouragement in the comment area. This has been such a boost in my learning to use my machine.

Also I want to thank my hubby Patrick. He's been so wonderful as I keep asking him if I can sew him to the bed sheets, or his lounge chair. Pat I am sure must be getting sick of the word sewing and anything connected to it.

I mean this morning we took the train into the city for the markets. I had to go to Spotlight as ribbons were on sale and I wanted some Vliesofix for my cushions. Remembered SewDeb one craft shop day we had, buying something for her applique, so I rang her to get all the info on it. So I must say thanks to Deb for being my call centre, for info. mrgreen

I have 3 cruddy knitted lounge cushions that were given to us when we bought our lounge suite secondhand. Well the cats have claimed them and vacuuming them every other day, is a pain as I can't get all the fur out.

So I am using those 3, plus another cushion as lab rats........

This is how far I have got today. Each cover will be the same in colour tones, but different styles. This gives me a chance to try different sewing ideas. The back of this cushion will be that dark chocolate material I bought the other day.

After doing all this, I hope the cats enjoy their new covers. lol

Well time for me to go and learn how to use the blanket stitch with some scrap material.

Until next time....hoo roo

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