Sunday, December 14, 2008

Bad Lucky, Bad Lucky!!!

Oh I am so naughty. Pat offered to take me up to Spotlight after working out what I am going to do with the last 2 cushions. Also I said about making some potholders up for Amy, as she's moving out soon. I didn't need a second ask and off we went.

While waiting to be served a voice came over the PA and said all yellow dot clearance items had another 50% off the marked price. Funny enough I had 2 materials picked out with yellow dots on them and instead of buying 1/2 a meter I took a meter.

Had to ring SewDeb and tell her and I have offered her half if she wants it. Other wise, its into my stash.

Love this pink and spotty material, out for $3.00 a meter.

Cupcake also out for $3.00 a meter for that 30 minutes. I want this to make some potholders for Amy & myself.

Now this is just so pretty, only bought a quarter of a meter and it's to do with 1 of the cushions still to be made. Another new learning idea. Can't say'll have to wait until its finished.

Bottle brush potholders for Amy again with green leaf backing, the lemon is for the cupcake potholders.

Green& orange is to go onto the other cushion....... once again you'll have to wait. Purple is because I wanted it. lol That'll be a Ron job down the track.

I think I need to join sewing anonymous or some other group..... this is so addictive.......

Until next time....hoo roo

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creativetreasures said...

LOL..... you will have more material than me at this rate!

Lucky-1 said...

Oh I am being very careful... buying 1/4 of this and 1/4 of that.....but the reduced one's were too good to leave at a quarter piece:D

miss~nance said...

Oh the signs of a true sewer, Can't ignore a good buy on fabric.


Kris said...

Hi! Of course you need lots of fabric! How are you going to make something in the middle of the night on a whim if you don't? Whim sewing is the funnest ever!

clare said...

Lucky girl Lucky . I love your bargains .
Clatre's Craftroom

Lucky-1 said...

Just love it when I'm out shopping and I score a bargain.

Whim sewing.... I like that:)