Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Oven Mitt

I learnt something with my potholders, I need more than batting between the material for them to not burn one's hand. Okay for some items, but really hot dishes from the oven, mine weren't very good.

Needed some insulbright to make the potholder safer to use. I have some now. Thanks to the ladies over on Craft Magazines Online letting me know what I needed. Also steering me in the right direction on the internet for a glove mitt pattern.

This afternoon I actually found time to cut out all the material needed to make my first glove mitt. Going to practice using my walking foot, before I sew the oven mitt up.

Pat wanted me to make one of these and I must say, I do like them better for removing a hot bread pan from the bread maker. Hot chilli is the print I went with and a green inner lining.

Very excited about sewing this up tomorrow.

Until next time....hoo roo

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Monday, December 29, 2008

Four Patch Block

Today I have started to practice measuring and sewing "four patch blocks". I'm going to need to get my corner/centre joins better.

But I have a heap of material and so I'll keep practicing and practicing and more practicing. James' old bed sheet sure has come in handy.

I love the 1/4 stitch foot, sure makes those edges easier to line up.

I'll keep teaching myself the art of using the ruler and rotary cutter and making these 4 patch blocks more purr-fect so that when I start my swap next month...... I'll be able to do it right.

Until next time.... hoo roo

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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Cushion Number 3

Firstly I hope you all had a lovely Christmas with not too many dramas. Pat & I had a busy Christmas day as the kids and other family members came for 1 or 2 meals. It was a great day, though a tad on the warm side.

Today I managed to get back into the sewing, now that things have quietened down some.

Managed to finish off the 3rd cushion cover and this one was a bit more involved. I had to learn how to measure for blocks.

For a first timer and not seen one being made..... I'm rather impressed with how it turned out.

This is the center block. Not sure what happened to the bottom tip of the heart.

The back off the block. When I did this part I hadn't heard of a 1/4 inch seam straight stitch foot. I now have one and wish I had it from the start. Sure made things easier.

Finished cushion cover.

Little on the low side and a pucker on the bottom left, due to not having a 1/4 inch seam straight stitch foot. When I was stuffing the cushion into the cover....... that area gave way. eek So I just ran the machine over that bit to fix it.

I need to practice the measuring side of this sewing bug I caught.

But like I said...... not having seen this being done in front of me...... I'm happy with my first effort.

Until next time....hoo roo

Monday, December 22, 2008

Who's A Lucky Lucky??

Today my sister Deb & I went into the city for a few hours to do some material shopping. Deb was teaching me how to be a smart buyer in the material area.

I learnt well and very quickly. So lets take a gander and try not to dribble over the computer may short circuit and you won't get to drool over it all.

This load was bought from Spotlight.

This was $14.95 marked down to $3.00 a metre. Bought a metre of each.

Same with these as well...... $3.00 a metre marked down.

Gingham had 20% off and I bought 1/2 metre of each.

This was a special buy....not on special and I bought a metre of it. Just love cats so much.

Chili material is for glove potholders. Mushroom was cute. Also from the reduced tables.

This is the main material for a bag I want to make.... reduced in price.

Reduced in price as well. Some will be used in the bag.

Fat 1/4's some will be used in the bag.

The Christmas material was bought on 50% clearance from $4.99 a metre. Bought a metre of each for next season. I'll be sewing in my sleep this time next year.

I have 1 other Christmas material but some how it get into Deb's bag......... if she hadn't bought some as well..... would have had me

Until next time....hoo roo

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Craft Room Filling Up

Craft room is filling up fast..... so fast I had better put some notes around the place for where I want to keep clear.

Today I called into the Salvation Army shop around in the nearby street. Couldn't believe my luck, when I spotted this little piece of furniture.

In good nick, cost me $3.00. Oh who's going to have fun filing these 3 lovely big draws? I also picked up today a container to keep my reels of cotton in.

My craft room as of this afternoon. Pat put the sofa in and that will open up to a double bed. My yarn is in the corner out the way until next winter.

I'm happy with the setup and there is room for the ironing board when needed.

Until next time....hoo roo

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Saturday, December 20, 2008

My Craft Room

As of this morning, we now have not only a gym room for Pat's health, but a craft room for my sanity. No more moving everything off the kitchen table at meal times. Lounge room cluttered with knitting boxes.

Took awhile to do as I wanted the window washed and the window frame oiled, curtains washed and rehung. Room smells so fresh.

As time goes by.... I guess it'll change and maybe (hopefully not) get a bit messy. But now I can work and not packup each time....just slide the door shut if need be.

Amy left me her mirror and curtains. Need to have an old TV for when sewing...... better in there than the bedroom.

I closed with blinds to get a good photo to show you.

Blinds open and look at all that natural light for me to make good use of. One day I'd like to replace the old desk the kids used for primary and high school. Plus a proper swivel chair.

On the opposite wall (near where I stood to take the photo) will go Pa's sofa that folds down into a bed. Anyone now staying will have a bedroom to sleep in, rather than the lounge room or rumpus room.

The built in robe is to the right of my sew desk. Two shelves at the top for storing gear and if I want to hang anything... I have that as well. Later on I can go to Ikea (never been there) and get some more storage shelves. Just said that to Pat and he said Bunning is closer. confused

On the right side is draws and this will hold my fabric. Plus the shelf will hold gear ......

Three draws for material, 4th draw has scrap material in. I haven't worked out how I will categorize my material yet.

So far its
  • floral
  • Tone on tone
  • Farm/country
Its a new journey in our house...... Just Pat, myself and the fur & feathery kids...

Until next time....hoo roo

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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Bottlebrush Potholders

I made these potholders up for myself. Only thing I did really wrong was one load of flowers are heading the wrong way. eek

The first one, I popped the hook the wrong end. Second one was done the right way. I like the fact the potholders are bigger than what the shops sell. Less chance of my hands being burnt.

Also with this set, I used the backing material for the binding.

I keep feeling as I make little projects like this..... my sewing will improve and I'll learn the tricks of the trade. mrgreen

Until next time....hoo roo

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Monday, December 15, 2008

Cupcake Potholders

Made these today for Amy's kitchen. I found the potholder pattern on the internet last night.

Just love the cupcake pattern and I hope Amy will too.

The fiddliest bit was binding the edges and I couldn't get it to work properly and gave up. Just couldn't work the bought binding. Allowing room for learning and fumbling fingers I made my own binding and it worked so much better.

Found once I was onto the binding of the second potholder, I was more confident with that side of the sewing.

Anyway Amy has a couple of good size pot holders for her new role as a reformed fairy in our house to head cookie of her house.

Until next time....hoo roo

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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Bad Lucky, Bad Lucky!!!

Oh I am so naughty. Pat offered to take me up to Spotlight after working out what I am going to do with the last 2 cushions. Also I said about making some potholders up for Amy, as she's moving out soon. I didn't need a second ask and off we went.

While waiting to be served a voice came over the PA and said all yellow dot clearance items had another 50% off the marked price. Funny enough I had 2 materials picked out with yellow dots on them and instead of buying 1/2 a meter I took a meter.

Had to ring SewDeb and tell her and I have offered her half if she wants it. Other wise, its into my stash.

Love this pink and spotty material, out for $3.00 a meter.

Cupcake also out for $3.00 a meter for that 30 minutes. I want this to make some potholders for Amy & myself.

Now this is just so pretty, only bought a quarter of a meter and it's to do with 1 of the cushions still to be made. Another new learning idea. Can't say'll have to wait until its finished.

Bottle brush potholders for Amy again with green leaf backing, the lemon is for the cupcake potholders.

Green& orange is to go onto the other cushion....... once again you'll have to wait. Purple is because I wanted it. lol That'll be a Ron job down the track.

I think I need to join sewing anonymous or some other group..... this is so addictive.......

Until next time....hoo roo

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Cushion Number 2

After writing out Christmas cards last night, I was able to at about 9 pm sew up my second cushion cover. Earlier in the day I had cut out the material.

I thought this dragon fly ribbon was so pretty, Its in Spotlight and its a spool of ribbon, about 3 meters.

The main learning curb on this cover was getting the measurements as near perfect as I could where the lace was going to be sewn. Took a little while, but I think I did a pretty darn good job.

Close up of the ribbon.

Today as I clean the house and make more zucchini slice for the freezer and a couple of boiled fruit cakes, I'll think of what I want the 3rd cushion cover to look like. I've a fair idea of what I want, just need to work it out on paper and then material.

Until next time....hoo roo

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Friday, December 12, 2008

Finished Cushion

Even though I was awake and out of bed at 5 am this morning....I'm still on a high after making my first cushion cover for the lounge room. Just finished it and taken some photos of the end result.

I used Vliesofix for the first time today and this is such a great idea. Then I practiced some blanket stitch and once I was happy with how I was going...onto the real deal.

Just love this chook material and I so need and want to make an apron for myself out of it.

All done and on the lounge. I made my own pattern up and just took my time as each step was completed.

I used an over lapping back, so I can remove and wash when needed. I have visions of me & the cats running for this pillow, when the TV is turned on.

The second cover will have lace involved in the design, stay tuned.

Until next time....hoo roo

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