Saturday, April 19, 2014

For Tony & Anne.

Even though I am not posting here much I am a busy little beaver in my sewing room. I have a new laptop as well and this is making things "computer wise" so much easer.

Tomorrow is Easter Sunday and we are going out to see my daughter's in- laws for Easter lunch.

On my finish list is this quilt.

 The top had been finished 2 Christmas ago, but we decided not to spend money on each other but on our little grand son Cooper. So the quilt hung on the coat hanger until a couple of weeks ago.

In this time I just left to to talk to me while I was in the sewing room. Took a few days to quilt it and then it just needed to have the binding put on it.

I am sure Tony & Anne will be thrilled with their quilt. Like the both of them, its a bright quilt and I am sure it will get lots of use.

I used the left over jelly roll strips to make the binding. The few old pieces left over will go into my scrap stash. 

Sunday, January 5, 2014

2014 What Will It Bring?

 Now all the festivities are finished, its time to look ahead at what 2014 is going to be bringing me.

Last year I managed to get all my UFO's finished except for one item. That blasted dilly bag. Not sure why its hanging on a coat hanger still. Not promising but would like to see it completed this year.

This gift was from my son in law's parents on Christmas day. Its not bigger than a regular size photo. I just love it.

2014 is going to be the year of the quilts. I am hoping to see a good amount of them made and some finished off. Also I'd like to get another couple of senior quilts made for my parish.

Wishing you that this year will bring you many productive days in your sewing room or area.

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Sunday, December 22, 2013

Secret Sister Santa Swap

Sunday last week my two sisters and my sister in law and myself, met up in Clare for our Secret Sister Santa Swap.

By the time the due date came around there was 31 people at the luncheon in one of the local pubs.

My dad and my step mum were able to travel to Clare with my brother and his partner. This was very exciting as this gave not only them but other members of the family a chance to meet the latest additions to our families.

How exciting having us all together and once lunch was over, we all went to a park for the kids to have a run around.

This is where once all settled in our deck chairs we swapped presents.

 Susan,  Sally,  Deb and myself.

Back a few years ago I asked my sister Deb is she wanted to do a fat 1/4 swap and this we did a couple of times. Then it grew into what is now a Christmas Swap.

Funny part was when we drew out the names, Sue pulled out Sally's and Sally pulled out Sue's name. That left myself and Deb to pull out each other's name.

My little bag came from the "Some Kind of Wonderful" book.

Next year its even bigger as Sue's daughter and her daughter in law have now joined in the swap. So its gone from 2 people to 6 now. 

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Friday, December 6, 2013

Round Robin 2010 Finished.

Back in 2010 I joined in a round robin journey.  With the help of my Tuesday sewing girls, I learnt so much about putting borders on different size quilts, as they arrived through out the year.

I hung the quilt top on my wall for about 8 months as I wasn't sure how to quilt it. By letting the quilt top talk to me, I was able to decide how to quilt.

Also I was waiting for the Spotlight voucher, spend $100 and get $40.00 off. So love those vouchers.

Very happy actually I am stoked with how I quilted it. First time I haven't just either stippled a quilt or stitched in the ditch. I'm getting smarter..... no I think just

A plain label that records the year and who did what border. Is your name there?

I tend to put two fabrics together and have them off centre. I just like the look of it.

How awesome if the front of my quilt? I love every border. Marg blew me away  with her border. As she traced my centre applique. I love the colours and size of the quilt.

Come to think of it so do the cats, as they kept sitting on me yesterday as I finished off the binding.

Thank you all who have gifted me your time and passion helping me create a one off unique quilt. I am so proud and humbled at what we have achieved.

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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Union Star Quilt

My nephew was married in December 2012 and for the last 12 months I have been sitting on a quilt that needs to be not only made, but it just needs to be started.

I keep wanting to put a days work into the quilt at a time, but I can't seem to get what I want. So I have decided that even a hour here and a few hours there, has to be further than what I have gotten in the last 11 months.

Amy and Ben gave me this quilting book a few years back for Christmas and the quilt pattern is from this book. If you haven't already twigged, I'm a real fan of American civil war reproduction fabric. Plus I was bought up on western movies on TV.

The said quilt I am going to make. I have a feeling this won't be the only time I make this quilt as I love stars.

Fabric I picked have all come from Hettie's Patch an amazing quilting shop here  in Adelaide. They were great with helping me pick the fabrics.




I still want to get another couple of colours but I can at least make a start on the quilt. Feels strange to have the fabrics out and handling them for the photos. After having it all sitting in its bag for so long, it feels weird to think its actually going to be part of my life for hopefully not all of next year.

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Saturday, November 16, 2013

2014 is nearly here.

Each year around this time I make a new diary cover for the up coming year. Instead of pulling out a boring looking book, I get to see a pretty cover.
Usually I tend to make the cover to show what I have been doing for the year that is nearly finished, This year I found I was doing and enjoying machine applique.

With my love for my cats I thought some silhouettes of cats would bed a nice way to go. I was going to put 4 cats on the front and back. But it didn't look right, So I went with 5 cats on the front.

Three cats on the back.

I'm a big fan of Shadow Play fabric and thought these cats would  look great in this fabric. Not only that, it wold use up those little scraps of fabric.

I haven't done much shadow quilting, does it show? 

Making this diary cover was lots of fun. I stepped outside my comfort zone and tried two new sewing forms. 


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Monday, September 30, 2013

Colour Me Fabric

I have been busy in my sewing room, though I did have a 4 day break while I was sick with gastro.

So enjoyed my time sewing this afternoon and 2 projects were made for our Tuesday sewing group's Christmas Swap.

Bit of a tease above of one of the present. The other one is a secret.

A friend of mine has me interested in the art of colouring in a picture and then making it into something. I have traced some geraniums onto a block and tomorrow while at Tuesday's sewing group, I'll shade it in.

Well that is the plan....shade, blend and I guess some smudging.

Took me a while to find the Derwent  pencils. I have slowly collected the items I need. Just noticed I didn't have my board that has fine sandpaper stuck to it, this will help to stop the fabric from moving.

Hoping to be able to show how far I have come tomorrow afternoon.

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