Wednesday, March 11, 2015


My goodness I have finally been able to sign into my blogger account. I have a new computer and due to technology I couldn't log in as my new laptop was logged in with my Google account.

Boy sure glad a seen this tiny bit of writing that said....."log in with another account".

So hello blog I have missed you so much. 

Monday, September 8, 2014

B-2 Sweet Tater Pie

It's funny where we can hand sew. In a car, at a hospital or in the lounge room with the ironing board as a table.

That is what I did today, after I gave 30 mins with the ironing. Behind my handbag on the chair is the ironing I didn't get done.

Love the TV show Criminal Minds and thought that could keep me company as I worked on another Dear Jane block.

This one I spent about 4 hours on over the day, most of it in the afternoon. I am forever checking the front of the blocks as I do such tiny stitches, I would not be impressed if I had to unpick it.

Block all finished. I am so stoked with the curves and the side  joining, even if the centre points are a bit off. That was hard to get them to sit properly and I put it down to the bulk in that area.

Hexies On Show

I've been making a hexie quilt using Sue Daley's pattern called "This Goes With That" quilt. 

I'm using civil war reproduction fabric.

I find these hexies not only fun to make but very relaxing.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Dear Jane A-8

Yesterday I decided to spend my day working on my Dear Jane blocks. 

After my last effort of 2.5 days on the one block and not being happy with the end result. I thought I would try a different technique and what a difference it was. 

Using the template model and hand sewing the pieces together was just a fun and exciting afternoon. Yes afternoon, not 2.5 days.

By printing out the templates onto a heavy weight 132 gm paper I was able to cut out the templates and then photo copy them until I had enough pieces.

You can see by the paper I used the same sheet and just moved the templates around on my photocopier to fit them all on the one sheet.

All cut out and ready for them to be cut down to the size needed before the fabric is glued onto them. I didn't cut them straight away down to the correct size, as I thought cutting them as individually from a big sheet of paper, can leave me open for mistakes with the scissors.  Takes a bit longer, but I was happy with this idea and will use it with future blocks.

Yellow paper has the templates on them with the 1/4 inch border still on them. These were cut and glued to the back of some cardboard from cereal boxes. This way as I am tracing around them on the fabric, its easier to do so. Those templates are then stored with the finish block. That way I can reuse them down the track if I want. I so dislike waste.

The finished block. A-8 Florence Nightingale. 

I love this block for its crispness, correct size and all over finished look of it. This technique will be used in as many of the blocks as possible. 

Am I cheating? I don't think so as there is no right way or wrong way to make a block. As the finished look of the block is what counts. 

I've ticked all the boxes..... 
  • I've enjoyed making the block
  • Love the colour choices
  • Still happy the following day
  • Can't wait to make another block.
Can't ask for much more can I??

Saturday, May 10, 2014

My First Quilting Workshop.

Boy oh boy and I still on a high from yesterday.

Pop the kettle on and make a cuppa as I have a story for you.

Back in August last year I had my 50th birthday and my sister and her hubby gave me a quilting workshop for my birthday.

Well yesterday I was able to cash it in so to speak.

My workshop gift was Turned Edge Machine Applique with Rachelle Denneny. It has the look of needle turn, but done by machine.

The workshop was held at Patchwork By Sea's new shop. For a first timer I was so impressed with the set up and how well lit the teaching area was and the space of the area. We even had our own cupboard under the table to store our bags and stuff.

The lovely lady on the right at her machine is my sister Deb. Yep she did the work shop with me, that was the icing on the cake. Rachelle is up the back still setting up her beautiful quilts for us to admire. She also had a talk about them and we could ask questions as well.

My new open toe foot that Terry so kindly went and collected from a Janome shop down the road for me.  Terry is 1 half owner of the shop. Made my sewing so much easier. I thought what I had been using for machine blanket stitch was an open toe, but nope it wasn't. Made the job so much easier. 

This is my block I was making. I still have to sew around the flowers. But I did get to sew around the frame work.

Our little group at the end of the day with Rachelle in the photo.

Hope you enjoyed seeing what was an amazing and awesome day at Patchwork By  Sea 

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

English Paper Piecing

In the last week I have been busy with lots of sewing projects. One I love doing and must try and make more time for is English Paper Piecing.

Never mind I spent a couple of hours making this one last Tuesday at Dawn's place.

I then finished it off and made another one last Saturday at a quilting group I now go to twice a month.

These two hexies were fiddly to make and look ages to sew as I do tiny stitches to join the pieces together.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

For Tony & Anne.

Even though I am not posting here much I am a busy little beaver in my sewing room. I have a new laptop as well and this is making things "computer wise" so much easer.

Tomorrow is Easter Sunday and we are going out to see my daughter's in- laws for Easter lunch.

On my finish list is this quilt.

 The top had been finished 2 Christmas ago, but we decided not to spend money on each other but on our little grand son Cooper. So the quilt hung on the coat hanger until a couple of weeks ago.

In this time I just left to to talk to me while I was in the sewing room. Took a few days to quilt it and then it just needed to have the binding put on it.

I am sure Tony & Anne will be thrilled with their quilt. Like the both of them, its a bright quilt and I am sure it will get lots of use.

I used the left over jelly roll strips to make the binding. The few old pieces left over will go into my scrap stash.